Floridian Halloween.


I spent Halloween in sunny Southern Florida to visit two of my oldest friends and to attend the Yoga Journal Conference.

There’s something to be said about friends you’ve known since childhood.  They are like family, that you choose.  There is an ease with picking the friendship back up after a long absence that is rare and refreshing. 


Saturday’s line up for the yoga conference was Richard Freeman, Ana Forrest and Dharma Mittra.  Richard’s class was breaking down Sun Salutation A and B, and we broke it way down.  We spent 30 minutes on the first half of Sun A: Urdhva Hastasana, reaching your arms over your head, Uttanasana, forward fold, and Ardha Uttanasana, halfway lift.  It was helpful to refine what is easily forgotten.

Ana Forrest was probably my favorite class of the day.  She was very intense with her team of five female assistants (or what she called her team of ‘healers’) that came around and gave incredible adjustments. We worked on backbends and core, where we moved ‘the shit out’ literally and figuratively.  Ana had us do cobra over a rolled up towel which applied pressure to our abdominals to work out any ‘undigested emotions we held in our center.’  I think I hold a lot of tension in this area so this was hard work for me.

And finally Dharma Mittra. He was hilarious. His class was very simple.  But his ‘Dharma Chat’ at the end was the best part.  He spoke about veganism and said: ‘Don’t eat animals, they are your brother and sisters.’  But added that it was ‘ok to drink vegan wine.’ 


Hope you had a lovely and festive Halloween.  Namaste!


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