Play Ball.

pilates ball ideasInspired by several random photos and videos I found doing ‘yoga research’ on the internet I decided to play with my Pilates ball to work on several poses I’ve been stuck on for a while… Shown above is an image of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with a little help from the ball.  With the aid of the ball it’s more accessible to keep the back from over-arching and from crunching the lumbar spine. 

 The pike up to handstand from forward fold with both legs together, is made a lot easier when your feet are on the ball rather than the floor…


One piece of advice: it really matters how big your ball is for both of these explorations.  For example, the bigger the ball, the easier both of these poses are.  Here I am trying to pike up on my giant ball:

  1. I seen your awesome video Cassi and you did well. I hope one day not only will I get to meet you and do yoga I also like to know more about what type of yoga will do good for a plus sized person like me. Manaste om shanti .

    • Thanks, James. There are lots of variations and modifications offered in my classes. Hope to see you soon!

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