Mala beads for the young yogi.  It doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks.

I’m getting crafty in Kids Yoga this week.  We will make Mini-Malas.  We will chat about what a Mala is used for and then put the beads to work.

The mantra for our little prayer beads:

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

(That’s a good mantra for any age.)

Mini-Malas were inspired by this lil’ guy who attends my ‘Baby and Me’ yoga class at Tula and insists on wearing my mala beads the whole class…


Mini-Malas were also inspired by my Grandma, who made me a tiny Mala that she made to help with focus and relaxation.

For simplicity sake, the kids and I will stick to the style of Mala that my Grandma made. (Pictured Below)


Colorful beads



  1. G A said:

    You do realize that these go into those young mouths.Very possible to swallow and or choke on them. Just a warning– However very nice

    • Yeah the project it’s for a 6 yr and up group. should have specified. And the little one in the photo was well supervised:) Good point though.

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