Supported Baby Moon.

My friend, Jen, is a bad ass pregnant yogi.  She comes to class several times a week and rocks out an incredible practice whilst in her third trimester. This morning I was next to her on my mat as we both attended Rhiannon’s class at Tula. I couldn’t help but marvel at how she defies the general ‘rules’ of prenatal yoga. 


Later this month I am assisting the Zen Yoga Garage Teacher Training and teaching the prenatal module.  As I map out an overview of ‘teaching prenatal yoga’ I think it’s important to remember that yoga is never one size fits all, especially when you are pregnant.  Every woman’s birth is unique, as is her body, and so is her experience with prenatal yoga.  I salute Jen as she makes her own rules and listens to her body on her yoga mat.

We practiced handstand and half-moon today.  We did our half-moon with a partner.  I supported her baby in half-moon (one of my favorite prenatal adjustments.)


  1. elizabeth koltun said:

    Good stuff today. Am looking forward to your pre-natal work/lecture for us at Zen Garage. I really enjoyed the seminar you gave at Zen Garage. You are a great inspiration, to teach kids yoga. You are fun…kids are fun (mostly) mine can whine at times. Thanks so much for your thoughts and energy that you share with others who go to their mat.


    • this was a nice note to come home to! Thanks for your comment Elizabeth. Looking forward to the ZYG TT.

  2. I find it so impressive . Especially with your friend who’s pregnant and is getting well with some prenatal exercises. Thanks for your new pictures and a great story. Hope to meet you someday.

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