This weekend was the most physically exhausted I’ve been since my 200 hour teacher training with Annie Carpenter.  And it feels so good.  Maty Ezraty is a little 4’11 spitfire of a yoga Goddess.  She is hilarious and at the same time demands attention.  I really connected with her teaching and I can’t wait till this time next year to be revving up for her 100 teacher training at Exhale in LA, where I did my first 200 hour TT. 

Beyond getting my butt kicked and my mind blown this weekend, it was fun to only be a yoga student for three days, I didn’t teach a single class.  It was also cool to practice next to teachers I take class from and teach with all over the city.

maty 3

Maty packed the house, ever class was sold out with a long waiting list.  She made everyone laugh all throughout each 2.5 hour long class.  All weekend she kept the poses simple, making me work harder than I have in over 2 years on my yoga mat.


Om Shanti Maty, you the best.

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  1. I love the picture of you and your amazing yoga group. & it was so interesting that I read your article about Maty one of the most brilliant yoga teachers of all. Thanks once more Cassi and have a great weekend with love. Namaste

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