10 Yogi Holiday Gifts

I’m all for DIY holiday presents. Or spending money on ‘experiences’ rather than material items.  Sometimes it is nice to buy an item for someone too…Here are 10 ideas for your personal list, or for that lovable yogi in your life.

 1. Mala Beads.  You can make your own.  Swing by Beadniks in Wicker Park and they will help you out.  Or visit the Mala Collective for some rad beads.


2. Natural Fitness Foam Roller.  Hopefully it’s no secret that I LOVE Natural Fitness, they are a great company and I am really proud to be their ambassador.  I started using a tennis ball to roll out the fascia in my feet and I am getting a foam roller to do the same for the rest of my body.  It’s an amazing addition to an at-home-yoga session and in general a good self-care practice.


3. Space Time Tank Gift Card.  I’m really looking forward to doing this in 2014.  For the meditative, introspective yoga practitioner, this would be a fun adventure. 

4. Bean Meditation Cushion.  I recommend my Bean Meditation Cushion.  It’s local, comfortable and portable.


5. DIY Hat.  If you know me, you know I am a one trick pony when it comes to knitting.  I love knitting hats.  Especially as holiday presents.  Keep your yogi warm!  Can’t knit?  No problem.  Let my talented buddy, Julia, knit your beloved yogi a hat.  High Hope Knits.


6. Meditation Altar.  My papa bought me this IKEA Plant Stand as a house-warming present. But I made it into a plant holder/mediation altar.  It holds things that make me happy, inspired and grateful.  Good for sitting down in front of before moving inward to meditate.


7. Crystals.  What better gift than a beautiful and powerful piece of the earth that can be charged with different intentions and given a full moon bath?  My favorite crystals in Chi-Town are from On the Rocks in Andersonville.

8. Dream Catcher. I recently attended a Full Moon Goddess gathering at a friend’s house and we made dream catchers.  Pretty simple once you get the hang of it.  Click here for instructions.


9. Michael Roger Cork Journal.  They are the perfect size, durable and unique.  I use them to hold my teaching plans.  Find them at The Dill Pickle.

10.  Rafiki Namaste Tank Top.  This is on my Christmas list.  Good for yogis of all ages.


  1. Anne said:

    So do you recommend the black (firmest) foam roller for use for stretching and stuff, or is that too hard? I’ve used one before, but thinking of buying one. It would be nice to use it for pilates or other purposes too, if I so choose in the future.

    • Anne said:

      Also, which size is best? 24″? 36″?

      • Hi Anne! I just asked my physical therapist/yogi friend the same question and she said 36′ and to get the firmest because they last longer. Hope you are well!

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