Crystals by Cassi.


In the last three years I have dabbled in crystals. I became interested during my 200 hour Yoga TT in LA where I bought my first crystal at the Venice Beach Farmer’s Market. 


I purchased my first piece of crystal jewelry with a yogi friend, Jennifer, on our way home from my WI yoga retreat I led last September.  I loved my little Tibetan Quartz and knew it would be a reminder of the amazing weekend I spent with beautiful yogis leading my first retreat.  I also knew that I could probably wrap a crystal myself.

Flash forward a couple of months later and I am hosting the third ‘Goddess Moon Rage’ next week at my house.  Goddess Moon Rage is a group of lady friends that get together each full moon to celebrate each other and do an activity together.  The last two full moons we made dream catchers and played board games.  This full moon we are wrapping crystals at my house.  I knew if I invited a bunch of people over to ‘wrap crystals’ it would get my butt in gear to actually figure out how to do this.

Thankfully, it is super simple.  First step.  Buy crystals.

I recommend if you are new to crystals to purchase a pointy long Clear Quartz.  It’s the most powerful healer and energy amplifier on the planet. You can charge this crystal to do work that you want it to do. For instance, a house-warming Clear Quartz.  You could charge it to bless and protect your new home.


Another good starter-crystal is an Amethyst.  This is one of the most spiritual stones and is great for meditation.  Both of these crystals you can wear, or place in your home.

Looking for love?  Pick up a Rose Quartz. Sometimes it works so well you need an Amethyst to balance out the powerful love vibes Rose Quartz send out.

Citrine is another stone that is easier to start with because it doesn’t require cleaning.  (It is good to clean most crystals after you buy them so that they don’t hold any potential negative energy from the store or the energy of all the people who picked the crystal up at the store.)  A easy way to clean a crystal is to leave it in the light of a full moon overnight.  Citrines are good for attracting wealth.  If you’re not wearing it, place it in the ‘wealth corner’ of your home, the furthest left hand corner from your front door.

For my pregnant friends out there in blog world: Crazy Lace is a pretty stone that is helpful to wear during pregnancy.

Once you get your crystal decide if you want to wear it or place it somewhere in your home.  If you want to wear it you will need a couple more supplies.

I purchased my supplies inexpensively at Jo-Ann Fabric. I bought a three-piece set of beading/jewelry pliers for under $10 (Blue Moon Beads Mini Tool Set) and copper wire (24 gauge) which I purchased for under $5.

Then I channeled the power of YouTube.  This was my favorite ‘How-To Wrap Crystals’ video:

Floyd modeling my first wrapped crystal (an Amethyst)


Let me know if you have any questions!  I am new to this,  but I would love to hear from others that have advice or comments.  Om Shanti.

  1. Michelle said:

    You by far have the best necklace model in the business!!!!

  2. GMA said:

    I love it. I’m smiling. Love you and that wonderful Floyd. GMA

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