You Drive Me Bonkers, Namaste’


During this past week I have dedicated my yoga practice to people who get on my nerves.  I usually dedicate my practice to people in my life that I adore and love, it is definitely challenging to send good vibes out to someone who I don’t get along with. I would love to say that I am perfectly enlightened and I don’t let anyone get under my skin and that I shine love and light out of every pore 24/7, but that would be false. However, it has been helpful for me to dedicate my yoga practice to these people. At the end of the day I know that traits that bother me about certain people are traits I can find in myself. 

If the dedication of my practice doesn’t help me let go of negative feelings, I use this mantra:

‘They are doing the best they can. And so am I.’


  1. elizabeth koltun said:

    Nailed it! Smart thinking about taking a closer look at those that drive you bonkers. I imagine a teeny weeny Cassie inside you, teeny but shaking her fist ” Hey don’t do that I hate that, with curls bouncing ‘ I hate that weren’t you listening” Big you is moving around room senses a familiar impulse to touch your earlobe “why does that person always do that……….

    Just a vision a little kooky…finished 2nd 200 hr. TT tonight

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