New Year.

Wishing everyone in blog world a Happy New Year.  I had a lovely time back in Kansas with the family.  I did yoga with my little brother, and for the first time ever, I did yoga my dad. 


My mother and I made mini eye pillows for all the mini yogis at the kindergarten where I teach yoga.


And I attended five amazing yoga classes from my buddy and yogi-mentor, Jessa, at her studio, Orange Sky


It was really good to be home.

Looking forward to 2014 I have several resolutions.  I revisited my list from last year and a lot of my resolutions are a continuation of what I have been working on in 2013.  After all, like yoga, life is a practice. 

1. Cook more meals.

2.  Own less.

3. Make more time for meditation and a home practice.

4. Learn to play the harmonium/ play the harmonica more.

5. Lead another yoga retreat.  Belize 2014.

6. Save $$$$.

7.  Do more backbends.

8.  Be really sweet to myself.

  1. Interesting choices for the new year Cassi. Let’s make 2014 a fun year for all of us. Happy New Year Cassi with love and happiness for all.

  2. Lisa Tabor said:

    I would love to attend your yoga retreat in Belize!

    • You should Lisa! Ill send you details.

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