Beat the Winter Blues.

My favorite way to generate heat and fight the darkness of winter is to fire up my yoga practice. In particular: Inversions.  I am thrilled to have an opportunity to teach TWO winter workshops this season.

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The first is a PLAYshop at Tula on Saturday, Jan 18th 5pm-7pm.  We will work individually, with partners, and in small groups to play non-traditionally on several challenging postures.  A partner is not required for this workshop.


My second workshop this winter is on Jan 25th from 3pm-5pm.  ‘Holla for Your Bala’ at Chicago School of Yoga.  We will start at the root of several powerful poses (including inversions) and work our way up. 


Let’s elevate our mood, so that we can feel light and happy this winter.  OM Shanti.

  1. elizabeth koltun said:

    Cassi, great inversion/play idea. Maybe it won’t be sub zero by then!

  2. Hi Cassi, Your picture are so lovely and I hope you keep warm during this bad freezing weather.

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