‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.’



I had a jam-packed awesome weekend filled with playful yoga.  I taught a PLAYshop at Tula Saturday night with a courageous group of yogis.  The theme of the workshop was to create and explore without attaching to the outcome or permanence, like a child building a sandcastle (or a snowman, depending on your climate).  As well as letting go of structure and some of the rules to make room for new discoveries.


I have another workshop this weekend at Chicago School of Yoga, ‘Holla for Your Bala,’ where we will also work unconventionally on several challenging poses.


After the PLAYshop on Saturday, I ventured over to see my buddy Blair, who was hosting her one year anniversary party at her Health and Fitness Studio: Rock Solid Health.  Blair and I are partnering for a yoga retreat in Belize next November.  We already have three people signed up and there is only room for 20 yogis,  it’s filling up fast!   If you are interested in coming, message me or visit my retreats page.


Blessings to everyone in blog-world, hope you are staying warm and safe.  See you on the mat, Namaste.

  1. Your picture are so amazing I hope I love to come by to your class and have fun there and meet new people as well.

    • Thanks James! Hope to see you in yoga soon.

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