Sun and Moon Breath.

I am determined to stay warm and inspired this winter.  My two workshops this month helped.  Thanks to everyone that attended Holla for Your Bala last weekend.  Incredibly strong women who worked together and tried some tenacious poses.  Beautiful spirits. ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः


Yogis already signing up for our Belizean Yoga Retreat has also warmed me right up!  With this cold weather it’s hard not to daydream of a beach and sunshine.


Borrowing my friend Kristy’s harmonium and jamming in my meditation nook is a lovely hibernating hobby.  And a humbling experience…


I am also straying away from my normal Nadi Shona pranayama practice this week and experimenting with the pranayama Surya Bheda (breath of the Sun-energizing) & Chandra Bheda (breath of the moon- calming).  I will teach this practice in my classes this week if you’re interested.


Hibernation Vibrations to all.  Om Shanti.

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