Tweens and Aerial.

I taught week two of the Tween Yoga Series at Tula yesterday. Two Sundays left and drop ins are welcome… Miss. Kassandra came and yoga-ed with us and took some photos, Thanks Kass!

tweenweek23 tweenweek22 tweenweek2

The tweens worked on Bakasana (crow pose) and played Yoga Pictionary. Good times were had by all.

In other news, my yoga buddy, Blair, and I are coordinating a meet-and-greet/informational meeting for our upcoming Belize Yoga Retreat.  The best part of this (besides the free Natural Fitness water bottles that we are giving everyone that attends the meeting) is it’s a Rock Solid where there are yoga swings!  So If you are thinking about coming to Belize and have questions, or already signed up and want to come play on swings, look for details this March for our little get together!



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    Amazing! GMA

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