Spiritual Sea Monkey

Reflections from my first Sensory Deprivation Tank experience that occurred earlier today…

If you have never been in a ‘Flotation Tank’ or a ‘Sensory Deprivation Tank’ it is certainly worth a try. 


What it is….

Floatation Tanks are designed to create a condition which is ideal for the relaxation and rejuvenation of the Mind/Body.   Research shows that the effects of a two-hour float session are equivalent to eight hours of deep sleep, making it one of the most efficient and comprehensive relaxation techniques available.

      The experience of floatation is also one of  a heightened awareness of mental, emotional and physical processes.   While “floating” you experience an intensified consciousness of the body   and mind; you are able to reflect, to ponder, to explore and to refine your powers of concentration and creativity.

A Floatation Tank is an 8′ (l) x 4′ (w) x   4′ (h) enclosed structure which diminishes light and sound. Each tank holds 10 inches of water with 800 lbs. of dissolved Epsom Salts, which enable a person to float effortlessly. The water is heated to an average skin temperature (93.5F) which reduces the sensation between body and   water. The tanks are fully ventilated and the water/salt solution is sterilized after each use.

The Space Time Tank Flotation Center in Chicago has a soothing atmosphere.  Big pink crystal lamps and a huge fish tank embedded into the wall.  Ambient lighting and very quiet, it felt as if I was in a magical cave.  Before I walked into the lobby I was prompted to turn off my phone because it is a ‘quiet zone.’ Once I got into my floatation room, I was in complete control.  Floaters can be in the nude or in a bathing suit. There are showers available to wash before and after the float.

During part of the float I became a little bored and restless, but I tried to focus on my breath and observe the content of my mind. The only sound, is the sound of your breathing, which is trippy. My favorite part of the whole experience was coming out of the tank. I felt like I was emerging from the most incredible savasana or nap of my life. It was reminiscent of going for a long refreshing swim. I exited the tank stoned and blissful; totally relaxed. As I drove home colors were more vibrant and traffic didn’t bother me at all. I will definitely float again.

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