Vinyasa. Ashtanga. Jivamukti. Yin. Repeat.

I broke out of my normal cycle of Vinyasa 5 times a week to a new cycle last week:

Vinyasa on Sunday night with Nadine at Tula (which is a staple to my yoga diet.)

Ashtanga with Bridgett at Yogaview on Monday morning.

A Jivamukti class with Liza at Yoga Loft on Tuesday night .

Topped it all off with Home-Grown Yin at the end of the week.

Whoever said ‘variety is the spice of life’ was right. And obviously did all types of yoga.

I’ve always been a Vinyasa girl at heart. But all of these practices complement each other. They help me dive deeper and link together pieces of the spiritual and physical work done on my mat.

I’ll admit it took me a long time to enjoy Yin. Now I can’t go without it. I wasn’t wild about Ashtanga at first either, but it grew on me. As far as the Ashtanga class at Yogaview on Monday, I arrived at the class unaware that it was a level 2/3 Ashtanga class (Hello Pincha Mayurasana to Chaturanga transitions and leg behind the head.) It was a nice kick in the asana.

Jivamukti, especially of the ‘Spiritual Warrior’ variety, is a real treat. Liza at Yoga Loft is amazing and her voice is like butter. The class is challenging but left me rejuvenated.

My Home-Grown Yin Routine:

Upavistha Konasana

Double Pigeon

Restorative Fish (with blocks)

Frog (with blankets and a bolster)

and a Meditation Practice*

*All of these poses are enjoyed with a side of Floyd








  1. GMA said:

    I’m with Floyd or as your Gr. Gpa Fuzzy would have said, “I’d love to be a mouse in the corner to watch”. Love you GMA

  2. Annie said:

    All sounds DELICIOUS! Especially that yin practice – stealing it. Wish I could steal the side of Floyd too!

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