T’was a very playful weekend in Logan Square. Friday morning I led a yoga class in front of PLAY (the toy store) on the Square for a group of toddlers. Saturday evening I led a PLAYshop for the grown-up yogis at Tula Yoga Studio.


Play is essential for growth when we are young.  It is how we begin to explore the world and how we forge our first relationships.  But the absence of play in adulthood is widespread.  With competition and striving for a finished product sometimes ‘playful’ activities lose all joy. Adults still need to relax and explore.  Trying new things with no other outcome than to have fun is rare in our busy city lives. When was the last time you really played?  I play with my dog and I am playful with my partner but I have to make an effort at times to put away the email and the housework and that next yoga pose I want to master so bad and just do something for the delight of it.  We didn’t have to be reminded as children to play. As adults I think it’s important to let go of goals and incentives every once and while and just be silly.  And thankfully we can do that on our yoga mat too.



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  1. GMA said:

    Great reminder! Love you, GMA

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