Trips Around the Sun.

Well, its official. I’ve made 28 trips around the sun.  I feel very lucky for my time here. Birthdays hold a deeper meaning each year.  A time of reflection where as before it was a time to party and go crazy (which I still did, don’t worry.)  They do have more depth these days.

The last couple of birthdays I have given more thought to the fact that this day many years ago my mom gave birth to me. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my new age or just myself and I forget about the actual birth.   I asked my mother last year to write down the story of my birth because I didn’t know very much about it…

  I learned that my mom and dad house burned down in Louisiana when they were pregnant with me. Both of my parents lost their jobs when they were pregnant with me, I was ‘2 weeks overdue’ which I think ‘overdue’ is a silly term.  Because a baby knows exactly how and when they should come out.  I was fashionably late.

I learned that my dad was a part of the entire delivery and helped my mom with her breathing, He also kept the mood light.  Which I can definitely believe. I was 7 pounds and 4 oz.  My mother breast-fed me for 3 months and when she went back to work she came home over lunch while the babysitter was there and breast-fed. 

I am so glad I asked my mom to journal about her birth experience.  It’s something I like to read and think about on my birthday.  Remembering what the day actually represents.   Thanks Mom and Dad.


  1. Joan Dolce said:

    Happy Happy Birthday Cassie!! May your year be filled with health, wealth and much happiness and (of course) lots of yoga! You are the same age as my daughter, Stephanie. She will turn 28 on Sunday! How time flies….Take care and have a wonderful year! Joan

    • Thanks Joan! That’s cool that me and Stephanie are birthday sisters!

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