Mother’s May

Mothers are too important to only have one day in May. I think the whole month of May should be dedicated to Mothers everywhere. Here are two article from two of my favorite Yogi-Mamas.  The first is an eloquent and inspiring piece from my friend Maggie about breastfeeding her daughter as she battled cancer.


The other is from my mentor and Mama yogi-extraordinaire, Jessa.

I spent this past New Moon at Mother Me Inc. for a Goddess Gathering.  It was a beautiful space nestled in Lincoln Square across the street from Bloom Yoga Studio.  Mother Me Inc. is dedicated to mothers and provides classes and Doula services for authentic birthing. They believe Birth isn’t something to dread or merely survive; it’s an unforgettable rite of passage that can be empowering and transformative for all involved.


Later this month I will spend a weekend with my Grandmother and my Mother celebrating Mother’s Day on a Birth Farm in Tennessee learning all about Herbs and the power of Mother Earth.  

 I would like to invite all Mothers (this is an inclusive term to all who Mother and take care of kids) to my Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training on May 18th at Tula Yoga Studio. 

The first yoga I learned was from the ‘Mothers’ in my life.  My own Mother would teach me me how to relax and breathe deeply when I was upset.  My Grandmother was able to do Bakasana (crow pose) before me.  I remember a babysitter once taught me to tense different parts of my body and then deeply relax those same body parts until everything was like ‘jello’ before I would take a nap.  

We need to provide tools to the next generation to be able to tap into their yoga bliss.  Join me this May and learn how to give the gift of Yoga to the little yogis in your life!



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