Island Bliss.

The island of Ambergris Caye, Belize is magical. My first ‘OM’ was there.

My dad’s friend lives on the island and we would visit his friend throughout my teenage years. In college, my pops and I stayed with his friend for Thanksgiving. I was teaching step aerobics at the time at my University Recreational Center and trying to work up the courage to sign up for a yoga teacher training. I loved practicing yoga but had only taken classes in Kansas gyms and from a DVD I had, as well as a basement in a Ramada Inn.  My dad’s buddy told me their was an island yoga Guru and set me up with a private yoga session on her rooftop which was beachside. I drove my rental golf cart to get there, on the rugged beach terrain, because there were no roads to reach her home, she lived on the mostly uninhabited part of the island. When I arrived I met a beautiful blonde mother who had beach hair and a soothing voice. We shared a special two hour yoga session on her roof at sunset where she chanted during my Savasnana and we sang out OM together over the waves.

It was my first OM and definitely my first ‘real’ yoga. I started to think about parts of my body and my consciousness that I didn’t even know existed before then. As I left she told me she was building up her property to make a Yoga Retreat Center. The next time I returned to the island several years later, she had, and I spent a week in her gorgeous new studio that is built 30 feet out into the water. This is the studio/Retreat Center where I am holding my first International Yoga Retreat this winter.  Bliss out with me. Nov 1-8 2014.



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