If the Buddha Dated.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Every book in Charlotte Sophia Kasl’s series is good, ‘If the Buddha Divorced’, If the Buddha Got Stuck’… 



I forgot about these books until I found an old journal entry while I was spring cleaning.   This book came to me during a dark period in my life.  It was like the universe created a book just for me at that time. Here were the quotes I highlighted in my journal.

‘If you want something to happen, help it happen. If it doesn’t, let it go.’

‘Obsessive thinking keeps us locked in fear.’

‘Junk-food lovers emotionally starve you.’

‘We need to open ourselves to the inevitable daily losses of living. So we can open ourselves to love. We say hello and goodbye, we feel connected one moment and disconnected the next. A tender sexual moment will never be exactly the same. Every breath we take connects us to life, then passes, before a new breath fills us. We move through new developmental and spiritual stages, daily, weekly…’


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