Essence of Baby Whale

I took a class on Monday from Susie at Zen Yoga Garage and she spoke about a YouTube video of a baby whale rescue.  I went home and watched the video and it has inspired my practice and teaching this week.  Basically this baby Humpback whale was caught in a net and a boat full of divers came across it and didn’t know if it was alive or dead.  The whale exhaled sharply out of its blowhole and the group of onlookers discovered a tangled net the baby was caught in and then worked to set the whale free.   Soon after the rescue the baby whale sang and jumped out of the water for over an hour.  It seemed to be like a celebration to be free and alive. 

 I am trying to channel the essence of the baby whale on my mat.  We can be so confined in our daily life (especially in the city) in cars, trains and at our desks…  Our yoga mat is a place for freedom to celebrate the capabilities of our body.  

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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