Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

Summer officially starts on Saturday, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year. Since we have some extra time this Saturday let’s spend 90 minutes of it rocking 108 Sun Salutations to welcome the summer sun and shed the spring. Tula Yoga Studio at 5pm.


One thing I’ve noticed about being outside more with the warmer temperatures are the smells of summer. Flowers, the soil (trash, but we will only focus on the pleasant smells) and all the lovely scents that the breeze carries. I feel like my sense of smell has been dormant for the last couple of months from being inside next to a radiator trying to keep warm.

In my Herb Workshop that I attended in Tennessee last month we studied Aromatherapy. In the workshop I learned that every scent will change your brain activity. Scent is not only biologically the oldest but also the most evocative of all our senses. It goes deeper than conscious thought or organized memory and it has a will of its own which human imagination is compelled to obey. Think about the last time a certain perfume or cologne reminded you of a past lover. It can almost stop a person in their tracks. The sense of smell is primal and for many animals it is key to survival.

Since we, as humans, don’t use our sense as smell as often or as intensely as other species (like dogs) the sense itself is sometimes overlooked. I have been embracing my sense of smell in the last couple of weeks. Enjoying the smells of the outdoors while taking in sunshine. I also bought a tiny diffuser and use it with lavender and eucalyptus while I meditate and sleep.


Pause. Take a deep breath. And smell the summer. Hope to see you on the mat. Om Shanti.

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  1. GMA said:

    I always enjoy and learn something from your blogs. A proud GMA

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