And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce.

I have HUGE respect for Maty Ezraty. If I had a ‘Guru’ she would be it. This tiny woman is a genius when it comes to teaching yoga. She is no frills, no bullshit and I LOVE HER. I spent the last five days learning from her alongside many Chicago based yoga instructors.  We shared three hour long practices together each day.  We didn’t do any fancy poses, we used lots of props, we moved at a glacial pace and I worked harder on my mat than I ever have in my life.  Maty doesn’t theme her classes with ancient philosophy, she doesn’t even OM.  She focuses on awareness and discipline in the body and lets the yoga do its magic.  She doesn’t use mysterious words like ‘mula bandha’ even though all of our bandhas were fully engaged.  She doesn’t play music or chant.  She keeps it simple and this pure unadulterated yoga is where it is at.  I was humbled and inspired this week.  It was a gift to study with her and to be able to practice next to many of my colleagues.





  1. elizabeth koltun said:

    I will make sure not to miss it next time. Sounds like my kind of teacher.

    • I think you would really like her Elizabeth!

  2. She’s my kind of yoga teacher. Teaching yoga with perfection

  3. dave cutting said:

    Dear Cassi, Very glad you had such a good time with with the powerful little lady. Love, Uncle Dave Cutting

    • Uncle Dave! Thanks for following my blog 🙂

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