Holy Butt Muscle, Batman.

I’m a damage-control kind of massage client. I only make massage appointments when I am in pain. I had a massage last week and for the first time I was able to tell my massage therapist that I didn’t have anything specific ailing me. She worked into some new places, since there wasn’t an acute focus.  One of the areas was my piriformis muscle, in my butt.

I could barely lay still it was so intense, my massage therapist doesn’t mess around.  But the release was worth it. I asked her during the massage what other work I could do to help release this area.  The piriformis can become tight from many types of activities, bicycling to name one.  She told me to foam roll the area and use a tennis ball for more fascial release as well as Epsom salt baths (yes please.) 

Good yoga poses for stretching the piriformis:

Double Pigeon or Fire Log Pose

Standing Pigeon

Janu Sirasana (all variations)


Make your butt happy!  Stretch it,  soak it, rub it and roll it.

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