Ballerina Bootcamp.

I attended my first Barre class at Zen Yoga Garage yesterday. Barre is a blend of Ballet, pilates and there was a little yoga.  Trista, our thorough leader, didn’t skip a beat as she led us through a fast paced, one hour-long class, that was filled to the brim with ass-kicking moves.  Each time we opened a new sequence (we started with core, moved to upper body and then finished with legs and glutes) I thought to myself,

‘This isn’t that hard.’

 By the end of that same sequence I was literally quivering.   I definitely needed more yoga afterwards (so I took a yoga class directly after Barre.)  I felt the same way after Barre that I feel anytime I get my butt served to me in any sculpting/toning class which is,

 ‘OMG I need yoga.’

I practiced next to a lady that was in her third trimester of pregnancy and I realized that a lot of the leg and (oblique) core work would be easy to incorporate into a prenatal yoga class. So to my preggo yogi-friends out there: get ready for a little Barre-inspired yoga this week.

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