Glorification of Busy.

I’ve always been a ‘busy’ person. Growing up I was usually in a play which involved logging a lot of my time in rehearsal, if I wasn’t in debate, on the swim team, in forensics, working, or practicing yoga. I didn’t really have a lot of free time, and when I did I got into trouble with drinking or doing drugs (e.g. sophomore and junior year of highschool.) I’ve been trained to do my homework while I wait backstage or return voicemails during my breaks, or plan a vacation 9 months in advance. And all of this is great but it pulls me away from the moment that I am in and keeps me in the safe ‘busy’ zone. And it feels like lately everyone I chat with is discussing how busy they are.

‘We’ve just been sooooo busy’
‘Not enough hours in the day’
‘Time goes so fast’

I am on summer break from teaching yoga at a Kindergarten and I have been painstakingly trying to fill my schedule so that I am still as crazy busy as I usually am. Why? I prayed for this summer to come all winter and spring and now I’m filling it up with to-dos and agenda items that if I look very closely, I don’t really need. What I really need is nothing. Walks on the beach, laying in bed and staring at my dog, calling my grandmother, re-reading my favorite book. I’m still important and have self-worth if I spend a whole day doing nothing.

Special thanks to my buddy Becky for posting this image…I needed that reminder.




  1. Michelle McGuire said:

    very nice. Love this. I need this reminder as well!! 

  2. gene augustine said:

    everyone’s body and mind need some recharge time,filling a schedule completely just doesn’t allow that to happen.Just take advantage of the free time you have

  3. Enjoy your summer break Cassie, You deserve it Namaste

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