Sea Glass Meditations


I remember my first time hunting for sea class in Maine, where I spent part of my childhood. I was invited on a sailboat adventure for my best friend’s birthday celebration. A couple of us fifth graders went out on her dad’s sailboat in Northern Maine and found a tiny island off the coast where we ate lunch and trolled for sea glass. It felt like treasure.  Different colors of smooth glass that was broken and evolved into something new. 

Now as an adult I still like to find sea glass along our beach in Rogers Park.  It’s meditative in nature to walk in silence and listen to the waves.  Then a translucent speck of color catches my eye and my ten-year old self has a burst of excitement. Simple explorations are the most rewarding. The wisdom of our youth.



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  1. Interesting story, Wish I was there to practice on the beach with you my yoga friend

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