Doula Power.

I am excited to announce that I put down my deposit for a Doula Training this October in La Grange. I was initially inspired several years ago to complete a Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training by several people and happenstance. The first being, I was asked to teach ‘Baby and Me Yoga’ at Tula and I had no prior experience on how to teach this format or sequence a class for primarily postpartum mamas (there are papas sometimes too.) Right around this time one of my best friends was pregnant and falling in love with the pregnancy/birth process. She ended up having a home birth and her enthusiasm was potent. Once the birth bug hit me I met for coffee with my Doula buddy Veronica (an amazing Yogi/Doula Goddess) and she lent me a book and told me about her experience. I have been teaching Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga for over two years now and the longer I am around pregnant women the more I see the importance of a Doula’s work.

I’m excited to learn more and spend a weekend with other like-minded people who are dedicating their time to help women. Our society needs to take care of the world’s mothers not scare them or take away their rights to have the birth they want. Imagine if every baby was born into a world where their mother was respected and held in the highest regard as she labored? Not tied down and sedated or made to feel like she didn’t have choices. If a women is fully supported and loved during her birth and gets to birth her baby how she wants, the world will be a more peaceful place. 

Plus, Erykah Badu is a Doula, so that pretty much sealed the deal.

  1. Gma said:

    YEA! you did it I’m excited for you and the mothers you will support. I wish you had been there when I had your mother and I guess in some way you were. Love GMA

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