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Hey y’all.  I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties.  Checking in to say ‘hello!’  Thanks to all the mamas that attended the Baby Yoga/Massage Workshop with Liz and myself several weeks ago.  It was informative and I’ve been incorporating more infant massage moves in my Wednesday Baby and Me classes at Tula so if you are coming bring your favorite baby massage oil!

This weekend is my long anticipated Doula training.  I am attending with a solid group of Yogi-Doulas.  Jade and Renee from the Tula Management team as well at Doula Super-Woman, Veronica, and other awesome yoga teachers, including Kassandra and Danielle from Zen Yoga Garage/Cocoon Care.

After my Doula training I am off to Central America for a week with 18 other amazing yogis.  I’ve been cooking up special class plans and can hardly believe our trip is almost here. 

Have a Happy Halloween and I hope to see you on the mat before Thanksgiving!  If you need to center yourself on Turkey Day before absorbing all the festivities, join me at Tula Yoga Studio Nov 27th at 10am for a 90 minute holiday class.



  1. Gma said:

    So glad to get the blog this AM early. It’s almost like having you stop for a visit. I’ll be with you in thought on your next trip as I always am. Love, GMA

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