Sutra Saturdays.


During our week in Belize the retreat center owner invited our group to her weekly ‘Sutra Chat.’  A group of islanders get together over morning coffee and take turns reading the Yoga Sutras aloud and then discuss them.  Yoga Sutras are the philosophy of yoga.  They are the ‘thread’ that weaves it all together. 

Back in Chicago we decided to start our own ‘Sutra Chat.’  Keeping the conversation alive in Logan Square.  It’s so easy to start an interesting discussion by trying to wrap your mind around one of the many Yoga Sutras.

We started with the first three Yoga Sutras.  The first four Sutras define yoga, and the definition is continually explained throughout the rest of the Sutras. 

We had our first meeting over gourmet hot chocolates at Katherine Anne Confections.  Looking forward to this bi-monthly ‘chat’ with friends this winter.  I find it hard to digest all the information and guidance in the Sutras alone.  Everything is easier with chocolate and friends.

  1. David Cutting said:

    Hi from your uncle Dave,

    I think uncle is the right word. Anyway I’m your Mother’s brother.

    I have enjoyed your pictures and the information about yoga about which I here to for knew absolutely nothing.

    I haven’t seen you since you were a baby. You have really grown into a beautiful young woman since then. How old are you now.

    Your Mother and I e-mail each other frequently, mostly taking about old times.

    Good to hear from you.

    Peace & Love, Uncle Dave

    • Hi Uncle Dave! thanks for reading my blog! I am 28 years old 🙂 thanks for your kind words. Much Love, Cassi

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