The Spiritual Traveler


‘From our heart comes inspiration for the spiritual journey.’

–Seeking the Heart of Wisdom  Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield

I’ve been traveling lately.  All of my recent trips have felt spiritual.  First, my trip to La Grange, Illinois (yes, I count that) to finish my Doula training, which was a profound weekend of spiritual awakening, exploring Goddess power and the beauty of birth. Then my trip to Belize which was inspiring and sacred to say the least.

This Sunday, I am leaving for two weeks to study in Los Angeles, with ‘my teacher,’ Maty Ezraty.  Maty asked us to read two books before we arrive on Monday:

–Seeking the Heart of Wisdom  Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield


–The Yoga of Breath Richard Rosen

The two books are about meditation and pranayama.  Two things I do inconsistently, and not nearly as much as my physical asana practice.  I recommend both books and initially I noticed both books have one thing in common.  Both reads reference the ‘spiritual traveler’ or the ‘spiritual journey’ into oneself.  Looking at these two practices (pranayama and meditation) as a trip that doesn’t have a ‘return date’ or a ‘destination’ has been helpful for me.

spiritual journey

I wish everyone out in blog-world a Happy Thanksgiving.  May we all love and care for each other along our journey.

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  1. David Cutting said:

    Always good to get your letters Cassi. What a meaningful life you are leading.

    Your Uncle Dave Cutting

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