Full Moon Blessings! Squat it Out.

Happy Full Moon from Venice Beach! With a little over two weeks before we move into the Winter Solstice this Full Moon is in Gemini!  Our last Full Moon of 2014. Tonight  holds powerful planetary alignment. Our intention is important during this time and can empower us to bring change where it is needed. Gratitude for what we have needs to stay strong (not fizzling out after November.)

This Lunation brings loads of knowledge and a new level of friendship with the ladies I am sharing my current beach bungalow.


 I am inspired by my experience in Los Angeles.  There is a different energy out here.  Maty (my teacher) is pushing us past our expectations and breaking down mental barriers by making us hold postures and get out of our head.  I have learned so much from her in only four days and I can’t believe I still have 10 more days here. 

I took a break from my strict alignment-based (almost militant) teacher training to take a two-hour yin class with this lovely hippy woman who felt like a fairy Godmother, Denise Kaufman. She has been teaching yoga in California for 30 years and has taught yoga to the likes of Madonna and Quincy Jones.


Denise preached the power of squatting.  We held a squat for ten minutes (literally).  During this long squat she said:

‘sitting is the new smoking’

and she challenged us daily to get out of our chairs and squat.  As a prenatal yoga instructor I know the importance of squatting for our spine, and specifically for pregnant women.  But after Denise’s yin class I am encouraged to squat off the yoga mat.  Perhaps while watching ‘the L word’ or playing with my dog.

 Happy Full Moon. When in doubt, squat it out.

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  1. Gma said:

    Bummer to think I missed the last full moon in 2014. And a Gemini moon at that. Gemini is me! GMA

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