Embrace the Hard Stuff 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Every year I come up with ‘yoga goals’ for myself.  I never resolve to do certain ‘cool’ poses because that never works for me, but rather categories of poses or areas that are hard for me to embrace. 

2011–I focused on inversions (really went crazy with inversions after that.)

2012–  Was to do more backbends, which I always seem to ditch in my home practice. 

2013/2014– My goal was to start and maintain a daily meditation. 

I like to give my year a theme although I try to incorporate all of this on my mat.  This year I am focusing on Pranayama. 

Outside of yoga I also give myself something to do more in the new year that I usually avoid.  This year it is taking the stairs and budgeting. 

Hope to see you on the mat in 2015.  Here are several upcoming events I am looking forward to teaching in 2015:


Friday, January 9th Yoga Mala at Yoga Loft

Saturday, January 31st Kids Yoga Teacher Training 3pm-8pm at Yoga Loft

Thursday, February 12th Playshop (Partner Yoga) 6:30pm- 8pm at Tula Yoga Studio

  1. Gma said:

    I’m impressed as I always am with you and your ideas. Guess which word in this blog I was the happiest to see. GMA

  2. Impressive article you written and let’s make 2015 a fun year for us my dear yoga friend. Namaste

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