Doula Diary

Oh the parallels of Yoga and Doula.


Sometimes I think ‘what the hell am I doing?  Another career path?  Another thing!?’  But it’s all connected.  Breath.  Support.  Creating a safe space.  Moving your body intuitively.  PATIENCE. Oh my lord patience.  I feel a little weird writing about my lesson in patience when I was not the one birthing the baby,  but birth will teach everyone involved again and again that we are not in control.  The baby will decide when they are ready and we should all STOP WORRYING.


My first birth as a Doula was a humbling experience.  Like most things in life reading and studying can’t completely prepare us, we have to do it to fully understand.  Watching a mother’s determination and hard work to bring her baby into the world was indescribable. The universe presented me with the best birthday present ever, a reminder of what a birth-day means.


  1. GMA said:

    yes and Yes to what you experienced and again I say a natural Love GMA

  2. Thanks Gma! Can’t wait to see you this week!

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