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 A couple of updates for anyone listening out in bloggy-blog land…

I am over the moon about the NYC Company ‘tanya-b,’ excited to be their new ambassador.  Check those ladies out!

David D. and I are co-leading 108 sun salutes at Tula on Saturday June 20th at 5pm for the Summer Solstice.  Sign Up Here!

Keep an eye out for details about the February 20-27th, 2016 Belizean Retreat Rhiannon and I are co- leading.

Hope to see you on the mat this summer!

Cassi Yoga_Final (29 of 54)Photos by Whitney Fitzpatrick

Preparing to move soon and as I box up my belongings I am looking through my old sequence/teaching notebooks.  Found this quote that I wrote down during a training with Maty Ezraty:

‘We are not perfecting,  we are keeping the pose alive.  It should never end.’

Always working and focusing our energy so that it doesn’t become stagnant or accidently turn on auto-pilot. Same goes when we are off our mat.  I try to pay attention when I feel dull and investigate why.  That being said; I have made several changes to my schedule please visit my schedule page for more information.  Lots of new yoga adventures in store…

Saturday May 16th Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Loft

Saturday June 20th Summer Solstice Mala with David Duerkop at Tula Yoga Studio

My summer yoga retreat in MI sold out but I am posting details soon about a Belizean Retreat in February!

Here’s to shining bright!  Hope to see you on the mat soon.

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Oh the parallels of Yoga and Doula.


Sometimes I think ‘what the hell am I doing?  Another career path?  Another thing!?’  But it’s all connected.  Breath.  Support.  Creating a safe space.  Moving your body intuitively.  PATIENCE. Oh my lord patience.  I feel a little weird writing about my lesson in patience when I was not the one birthing the baby,  but birth will teach everyone involved again and again that we are not in control.  The baby will decide when they are ready and we should all STOP WORRYING.


My first birth as a Doula was a humbling experience.  Like most things in life reading and studying can’t completely prepare us, we have to do it to fully understand.  Watching a mother’s determination and hard work to bring her baby into the world was indescribable. The universe presented me with the best birthday present ever, a reminder of what a birth-day means.


Full Moon Blessings and Happy Almost-Spring!

Spring is my favorite season.  The excitement over upcoming sunshine and new beginnings is potent.  Everyone is thrilled about the warmer temperatures and leaving winter behind them.  April is my birth month too!  I am attending my first birth this Spring as a Birth Doula.  I am looking forward to supporting a mama and celebrating my birth with the birth of another human.

My Spring Workshops/Trainings

❤ Friday March 20th Spring Equinox Mala at Yoga Loft -108 Sun Salutes

❤ Sunday April 26th Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Tula

I am also attending a workshop with Seane Corn and Alex Crow this Spring and am pumped to share new sequences/ideas in my classes.

See you on the Mat!



There are always a couple of mamas that come every single week to my Prenatal Yoga class at Cocoon Care and we grow close during their pregnancy.  When they have their babies I am obviously overjoyed for them but I miss having them in class.  I recently visited one of my favorite prenatal yogi friends, Lavina, and met her beautiful baby, Ayaan.


I also met Lavina’s mother and father-in-law who are visiting from India.  Lavina was pleased with her birth experience and said that the wave squats and horse breath that we did in Prenatal Yoga helped her through labor.  I teach wave squats and horse breath in every Prenatal class and was thrilled to hear her yoga practice helped in birthing her son.

This idea I am writing about today isn’t new but it is something that has been clearer to me lately.  The idea of really teaching something, compared to conducting an activity.  Maty (the wise yoga lady I studied under in December) touched on this in her Dharma chats.  She pointed out that there are yoga teachers who really teach poses and look at their students and try to help them, and there are teachers that turn on music and call out poses.  I’ve been struggling with this because I understand the philosophy of staying out of the way sometimes especially with more experienced students, using less words and letting students discover sensations in their body and not being overbearing, but I also think a majority of people that come to their mats in a public yoga class need guidance and most of them want it.  As a teacher it’s easier to call out pose names and facilitate a nice flow and not tell someone in your class that they need to use a prop or modify.  It’s easier to turn on mood-altering music so people don’t have to sit in silence and it’s ‘safer’ to stay out of the way even if you see a crazy-looking chaturanga, because you don’t risk upsetting someone with a correction or an adjustment.


On the other hand I love taking classes that are flowy and fun and where I don’t feel inundated with instruction.  I don’t want to have to ‘think’ so much or feel bossed around and I want to be in my body and I want to feel good.  I understand that strict alignment principles are essential and they help you stay out of your head and in your body, but sometimes I want to organically move and breathe and have permission to undulate my spine like a tribal goddess, ya know?

  I suppose like anything in life there is a balance in a yoga class that has to take place for me as a student (and as a teacher), where I am invited to modify and follow my intuition but also have guidance and a helpful eye, or hand, from the teacher. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Every year I come up with ‘yoga goals’ for myself.  I never resolve to do certain ‘cool’ poses because that never works for me, but rather categories of poses or areas that are hard for me to embrace. 

2011–I focused on inversions (really went crazy with inversions after that.)

2012–  Was to do more backbends, which I always seem to ditch in my home practice. 

2013/2014– My goal was to start and maintain a daily meditation. 

I like to give my year a theme although I try to incorporate all of this on my mat.  This year I am focusing on Pranayama. 

Outside of yoga I also give myself something to do more in the new year that I usually avoid.  This year it is taking the stairs and budgeting. 

Hope to see you on the mat in 2015.  Here are several upcoming events I am looking forward to teaching in 2015:


Friday, January 9th Yoga Mala at Yoga Loft

Saturday, January 31st Kids Yoga Teacher Training 3pm-8pm at Yoga Loft

Thursday, February 12th Playshop (Partner Yoga) 6:30pm- 8pm at Tula Yoga Studio