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“I might be in love with Cassi Stuckman. In her class I feel my mind clear.  Something about her pragmatic and confident teaching allows me to trust her. And in developing that trust I begin to trust myself. I admitted to Cassi that I have, before, talked myself out of her Friday Candlelight Vinyasa. It’s almost intimidating how much strength, and sense of self I find in her class. It’s scary when you start to unravel and see what you’re made of.”

–Sarah Helt, Actress/Yoga Instructor

“Cassi builds community wherever she goes. Her work begins with her patience and acceptance. Too often the world of yoga seems to be kept in balance by yoga teachers on one end of the scale and students who should admire said teachers on the other end. Cassi defies such unapproachability. Cassi is very talented. She has a dedicated practice that shows her devotion. Cassi practices what she preaches.

She implores her students to take their yoga off their mats, greet every individual with kindness. Then she actually gets off of her mat, and does just that. No one ever feels ‘less than’ or inadequate or, dare I say, silly when chatting ‘yoga’ with Cassi. If someone can’t really give warmth or show acceptance, how will they build a community? And sometimes, a yoga instructor telling me to just breathe through it isn’t enough. Cassi gives you permission to laugh, to take yourself less seriously, to let go.”

–Erin Grotheer, Attorney/Yogini

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