No Poo

*This blog is written by Hannah, my lovely roommate and No Poo partner is crime…

I’ve lost count of washes, maybe 5 since Nov. 2nd, and my hair CONTINUES to be without tangles after a wash! And I can go a couple of days without washing and comfortably go to work and interact with others, which my involvements definitely require. Like Cassi mentioned in an earlier post, you must rinse the stuff out. After that first wash, and in my first blog post, I mentioned that my hair at that point was still wet. I had gone ahead and wrote that first post before it had dried. Welp, I was wrong, it was dry, the illusory wetness was actually ooiilll. or left over vinegar, or pH levels going haywire…regardless of the source, I was very happy to have a super cute head band Cass had provided. I had to go to work and it saved me.

Crucial piece of advice to add to the list: load up on cute head bands.
Since that first wash, I haven’t experienced too much grease or oil. I hope I can eventually squeeze in a week between washes. I notice less wave, body and bounce. I have a greater appreciation for my bodywash, lotion and deodorant scent because my hair doesn’t smell like anything anymore. It doesn’t smell like vinegar, sometimes I think I smell the beach. What I tend to think about and rave about most is that I’m no longer using something I’ve previously thought necessary.  Advertisements and things of that ilk are sometimes the only reason people buy stuff-and now, when I see shampoo and conditioner ads, or even the rows and rows of bottles lining aisle 4, I feel holier-than-thou and I’m fine with it. NooPoo Revolution.
What’s next? I’m ready.

Hannah and I are happy to report that after about 1 week our No Poo adventure is going quite well. We were a little nervous after the first couple of days but now all is back to normal. There is no strange smell, our hair is about the same as when we are pooing, if not a little better…

Some helpful tips for those of you potential no pooers:

Don’t use coconut oil on your scalp (learned that the hard way)
Try a little lavender oil at the tips after your hair dries.
Rinse the baking soda and apple cider vinegar thoroughly.

*This blog is written by Hannah, my lovely roommate and No Poo partner is crime…

Dear Shampoo,
I miss your lather. With baking soda, I don’t know what it’s doing, where it has already been, there is no lather to guide me. Only my diligent fingers and memory, working this grimy white paste into my scalp. I’ve never been so attentive in a shower.

Dear Conditioner,
I definitely miss your scent. Vinegar smells as bad as the day I walked into Science class in 6th grade and knew we were doing all sorts of experiments, one of which involved vinegar (and cabbage I think). I miss your viscosity, that lotion-y, thick, high viscosity. Vinegar drips out of the container, drip, drop. Once again, I diligently work it through the different regions of my head.
Dear No Poo November,
I am excited, and anticipating a wonderful new phase in my life, where I can contribute just a little to less waste and polluted water run, put an end to a vicious cycle of damage and repair, and save some money-buy some cashews instead, or cuter socks. This morning was my first go-around and at the end of a shower in which I didn’t day-dream once, my hair felt really good. A little heavy but good. We both added a little bit of coconut oil to the conditioner. Now, what really got me was how easy I was able to comb through my hair. This is never the case. I’ve held back, but in the past I was always tempted to get those no-tangle sprays for kids because my hair would be, you guessed it, tangled. Not today my pooing friends. Today, from scalp to end, that comb cruised through my hair. First day of this wonderful phase, success.
Point of clarification-my hair is still wet, it hasn’t dried yet, I have no idea what it is going to look like.
I admit, I don’t expect an awkward greasy phase. All anecdotes and websites point to this, but I expect our hair to skip all that and go right into awesome phase. Stay tuned.
Optimist (aka Hannah)
PS. If this goes well, maybe I’ll change my name to Optimist

My roommate and I are not using shampoo or conditioner for the month of November*.  As an experiment. Also as an alternative to spending tons of money on ‘organic’ shampoo and conditioner and saving our scalp from a cocktail of untested chemicals (aka ‘fragrances’)… There is a whole ‘no poo’ movement happening, that I didn’t even know about!  Check it out. 

*Why November you ask?  Because if it all goes south there are always knit hats…or French braids.

For ‘shampoo’ we will use a mixture of baking soda and water:

And for ‘conditioner’ we shall use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water: