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Happy Spring, Yogi Friends! This Thursday is the official first day of Spring and I plan on celebrating with a Mala of some kind. I usually practice an asana-based Mala  (108 sun salutations) to ring in the new season. This Spring I am thinking about doing either 108 minutes of meditation or 108 prayers of gratitude…Any ideas out there that other yogis are doing to commemorate the new season?  A Spring Mala is usually performed to shed the darkness of winter (can I get a AMEN?) and to make space for the light and re-birth of Spring. 


April is also around the corner, and it is my favorite month. Why? It’s my birth month. I will be 28-years-old this year. Lots of fun coming up in April, including:

April 12th is another PLAYshop at Tula



Arm Balances?

Oh My!

Break down the foundation of several ‘power poses’ and play with fun variations.  Plan to work with partners and bust out of your yoga box (aka: your mat) as your playful yoga-pilot, yours truly, helps you navigate outside your comfort zone.  We will keep it ‘light’ and journey off the mat together, to venture to new places with our practice.

No partner required. 

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