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Mothers are too important to only have one day in May. I think the whole month of May should be dedicated to Mothers everywhere. Here are two article from two of my favorite Yogi-Mamas.  The first is an eloquent and inspiring piece from my friend Maggie about breastfeeding her daughter as she battled cancer.


The other is from my mentor and Mama yogi-extraordinaire, Jessa.

I spent this past New Moon at Mother Me Inc. for a Goddess Gathering.  It was a beautiful space nestled in Lincoln Square across the street from Bloom Yoga Studio.  Mother Me Inc. is dedicated to mothers and provides classes and Doula services for authentic birthing. They believe Birth isn’t something to dread or merely survive; it’s an unforgettable rite of passage that can be empowering and transformative for all involved.


Later this month I will spend a weekend with my Grandmother and my Mother celebrating Mother’s Day on a Birth Farm in Tennessee learning all about Herbs and the power of Mother Earth.  

 I would like to invite all Mothers (this is an inclusive term to all who Mother and take care of kids) to my Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training on May 18th at Tula Yoga Studio. 

The first yoga I learned was from the ‘Mothers’ in my life.  My own Mother would teach me me how to relax and breathe deeply when I was upset.  My Grandmother was able to do Bakasana (crow pose) before me.  I remember a babysitter once taught me to tense different parts of my body and then deeply relax those same body parts until everything was like ‘jello’ before I would take a nap.  

We need to provide tools to the next generation to be able to tap into their yoga bliss.  Join me this May and learn how to give the gift of Yoga to the little yogis in your life!



I am surrounded by a lot of mamas each week. More specifically I teach yoga to a lot of mothers. Soon-to-be moms in Prenatal Yoga, New moms with their new babies in ‘Baby and Me’ Yoga and moms with their older children in Family Yoga. I also teach moms practicing on their own in my Vinyasa classes.

My own mother is a very kind spirit. She shares my excitement and sorrow almost everyday over the phone (she lives in Kansas.) I miss her, but she is always close to my heart. My grandmother is a vivacious lady and a huge inspiration to me. I hope to live a life as rich with love and compassion as hers. One of my best friends in the world is one of the strongest mothers I know. She has comforted and nursed her beautiful baby Olive over the last seven months as her baby fought cancer. She stayed with Olive day and night and kept her as comfortable and protected as possible. Mama Maggie is amazing.

I am blessed to have all these mothers in my life.

This next passage is from a book I am re-reading, ‘Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful’ by Gurmukh.  It is a prenatal yoga book but I recommend it to all women.

‘After a forest fire in Yellowstone, a ranger found a bird literally petrified in ashes, perched on the ground next to the base of a tree.  Struck by the eerie sight, he took a stick and tipped the bird over.  Three tiny chicks scurried from under the dead mother’s wings.  The loving mother bird, who must have been keenly aware of the impending disaster, carried her babies to the base of the tree and gathered them under her wings to protect them from the toxic smoke.  She could have flown to safety, but did not.  When the blaze arrived and the heat scorched her body, she stayed steadfast.  Because she was willing to die, those chicks lived under the cover of her wings.  What a reminder of the boundlessness and fierce belief in the future we as mothers are capable of expressing.’

Sending love to Olive’s family during this dark time.  Olive is a bright new angel who was too good for this world. Maggie’s steadfast devotion to her child was incredible. To all mamas everywhere, Om Shanti.


Not a fairy tale folks, a yoga pose.  A mama from my ‘Baby and Me’ class brought to my attention that there is nothing online about ‘Mother Pigeon’ pose and suggested I post a photo of it on my blog.  I first discovered Mother Pigeon pose in my friend Diana’s class.


The pose requires a block on the lowest setting in the top and middle of your yoga mat.  From a low lunge gently bring the front foot on top of the block and flex the foot once it’s on the block.  The foot on the block stays on the pinky-toe side of the foot.  The hands frame the block.  If the right foot is on the block then the right arm and hand will be under the right leg, for more intensity.  For less intensity, keep the right arm above the right leg (as pictured below.)  If a deeper stretch is needed, come down onto the forearms.

sammieSammie showing another angle of mama pigeon…